Facebook Instant Articles Developer

Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 in Web Design | No Comments

Getting approved for Facebook Instant Articles is more complicated than you might expect. I can help. If you are seeking a developer to help you get your Facebook Instant articles feed approved, send me an email. Last week, my magazine Culture Creature was approved for Facebook Instant Articles. I spent weeks learning Facebook’s preferred HTML ...

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New Work: Men’s Health Fall Guide to Style

I designed and developed this responsive multimedia feature for Men’s Health: The Fall 2015 Guide to Style. The feature includes exclusive video and style content in three categories (Creative, Rugged, and Sophisticated). The videos are featured as large centerpieces, followed by dozens of products and tips. This responsive minisite integrates Bootstrap-based web design with the ...

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Protein: the Manual for Men

Check out this huge new responsive site I built for Men’s Health! The site is called ‘Protein: the Manual for Men’ and it’s conveniently located at menshealth.com/meat. This responsive standalone site is packed to the brim with recipes, photography, slideshows, and video. It’s kind of a multimedia meat smorgasbord. The site was designed by myself ...

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The Internet’s Best Newsletter Signup Form

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Here’s a reminder that you’re allowed to have fun and extend your brand into all areas of your website design. Even the boring parts. ESPECIALLY the boring parts. Most websites use a newsletter signup form with the same old trite, inoffensive text: “sign up for the latest updates, unsubscribe at any time.” It’s so tired, ...

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How to Acquire Images for Blog Posts

Posted by on Apr 4, 2015 in Web Design | No Comments

Starting a blog is easy like Sunday morning. It only takes three seconds to start a WordPress or Blogger account, and you’re off and running. However, few bloggers have the basic tools to use images and photography well. Images (be they photos or illustrations) bring your posts to life. They can make your site look ...

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Emoji Drop Cap with CSS

Posted by on Feb 15, 2015 in The Internet, Web Design, WordPress | No Comments

This is a drop cap emoji. The idea occurred to me as an illustrative twist on the standard text drop cap, which could be used almost like a spot illustration to establish a theme in a piece of writing. Implementing it with standard HMTL is easy, but using it with WordPress (as shown here) requires ...

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Here’s Why Designing Your Website Yourself Could Ruin Your Day

Since the proliferation of user-friendly website applications like Squarespace and WordPress, it’s easier than ever to create a website yourself. But is it a good idea? Often, clients contact my design studio after building their own website, creating a headache for themselves in the process, and then finding that they need professional design help. Here’s ...

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