The Mobile-First Approach to Branding

Normally, ‘mobile-first’ is a concept we apply to web design. The mobile-first approach has historically meant designing a responsive website by starting with the mobile version, then designing upwards towards desktop. This way, the concerns of the mobile experience are considered first, and applied or revised for larger viewports. It’s time to approach branding the ...

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A Brief History of the Color Pink

Posted by on Sep 16, 2015 in Branding | No Comments

My clients in cancer nonprofits have strong feelings about the color pink. Pink is a symbolic color used to represent breast cancer, and while it is used primarily for a very good cause, there are a few pitfalls. For starters, some organizations have been accused of “pinkwashing” – or exploiting pink cancer iconography to sell ...

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Critique: Infiniti Logo & Brand

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Infiniti is the luxury division of Nissan, a Japanese car manufacturer. According to Infiniti, their logo consists of “two central lines leading off into an infinite point on the horizon,” symbolizing this “luxury performance brand’s desire to be always looking forward – to new horizons, to infinity.” The Infiniti brand was launched in the USA ...

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Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Logos

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We all know it’s time to “take America back.” That’s why I’m such a huge Donald Trump supporter. To show my support (and gratitude) for “the Donald,” I decided to provide some of my expert design services, pro bono. Hillary’s logo campaign went viral and Jeb’s fell flat, so I am going to help Mr. ...

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Would You Vote for The Jeb Bush Campaign Logo?

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Yesterday, Jeb Bush unveiled his Presidential campaign logo (above) with a tweet. The logo’s exclamation point transforms the Governor’s first name into an enthusiastic slogan: “Jeb!” It harkens back to old campaign traditions and it’s easy to picture the logo on a button pinned to some Southern plutocrat’s corduroy jacket. However, the logo is also ...

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The Symbols of Scientology: A Design Analysis

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I’ve been reading the riveting book Going Clear in advance of the HBO documentary of the same title. Going Clear is a relentlessly damning account of Scientology’s founder and principles. I love to study symbolism and branding, and while I was reading, I wondered, “Does Scientology have a logo?” I hadn’t recalled ever seeing one. ...

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