Banksy is Opening a ‘Bemusement Park’ in a Derelict Resort

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Banksy’s new exhibition is a typically daring and off-kilter stunt for the artist – and it may be his biggest and boldest idea yet. The British provocateur is opening a crappy parody of a theme park in Weston-super-Mare, which the artist describes as an “unfashionable British seaside town frequented by low-income families.” According to its website, ...

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Here’s Why Richard Prince’s Instagram Portraits are Brilliant – and Misunderstood

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The artist Richard Prince has created a series of portraits that has totally pissed off and confounded the public (for many artists, this would be victory number one). The series of ‘portraits’ are really just printed versions of other peoples’ Instagram photos. Prince’s pieces are priced at $90k. The Instagram comments sections include comments written ...

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