Donald Trump Presidential Campaign Logos

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We all know it’s time to “take America back.” That’s why I’m such a huge Donald Trump supporter. To show my support (and gratitude) for “the Donald,” I decided to provide some of my expert design services, pro bono. Hillary’s logo campaign went viral and Jeb’s fell flat, so I am going to help Mr. ...

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Illustration’s Not Dead

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I was an illustration major in college at Parsons School of Design. While my education in drawing and painting was invaluable, I quickly discovered that this century is not an ideal time to be a professional illustrator. From the dawn of cinema through roughly the eighties, illustration lied at the heart of film promotion. Legendary ...

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Protein: the Manual for Men

Check out this huge new responsive site I built for Men’s Health! The site is called ‘Protein: the Manual for Men’ and it’s conveniently located at This responsive standalone site is packed to the brim with recipes, photography, slideshows, and video. It’s kind of a multimedia meat smorgasbord. The site was designed by myself ...

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Would You Vote for The Jeb Bush Campaign Logo?

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Yesterday, Jeb Bush unveiled his Presidential campaign logo (above) with a tweet. The logo’s exclamation point transforms the Governor’s first name into an enthusiastic slogan: “Jeb!” It harkens back to old campaign traditions and it’s easy to picture the logo on a button pinned to some Southern plutocrat’s corduroy jacket. However, the logo is also ...

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Here’s Why Richard Prince’s Instagram Portraits are Brilliant – and Misunderstood

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The artist Richard Prince has created a series of portraits that has totally pissed off and confounded the public (for many artists, this would be victory number one). The series of ‘portraits’ are really just printed versions of other peoples’ Instagram photos. Prince’s pieces are priced at $90k. The Instagram comments sections include comments written ...

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The Internet’s Best Newsletter Signup Form

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Here’s a reminder that you’re allowed to have fun and extend your brand into all areas of your website design. Even the boring parts. ESPECIALLY the boring parts. Most websites use a newsletter signup form with the same old trite, inoffensive text: “sign up for the latest updates, unsubscribe at any time.” It’s so tired, ...

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A Tribute to Tracy Morgan

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Thankfully, Tracy Morgan is healing from his 2014 accident. Once he is done healing, he said, “I’ll get back to making you laugh. I promise you.” Tracy Morgan has made me laugh very hard. The time he made me laugh the hardest was when we watched a movie together in Times Square. I’ve been living ...

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